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The New Humanity Conference

It was a very special and high pleasuring co-operation. Me, 1E9-Co-Founder Wolfgang Kerler and the Chatbot Job have been in dialogue with the 1E9-Community about The New Humanity. Here the bot was an artificial design thinker, fed with illustrative visions. Perfect warm-up for the upcoming conference "The New Humanity". An one-hour session made the ideation process complete during the event. Afterwards all visions were captured by me and end-up as a future  city scenario.

Design Process
01 Based on the concept of involving the community into an ideation process of the up-coming event »A New Humanity«, an article with speculative scetches was published. 02 Related to the topics mobility, body, living and food I created 4 half speculative half dystopian objects. Chat Bot Job, the first artificial Design Thinker, used those artefacts to share his insights of the future and to ask the community what ideas they may have by themselves. 03 After collecting all the ideas, me and one of the 1E9 co-founder, Krischan, invited to a common ideation session during the event to get deeper into the 4 topics. 04 A sketch conclusion came up and was mirrored back to the speakers and members. 05 Based on this I created a final vision of a future city scenario. It came out that the members prefer a city which can be seen as experimental field where people use the mobility as a possibiltiy to travel in an adventuring way. Examples were »Catapult« as well as »Skating along the building fassades«. 06 The next step will be to create an organic growing archiv where all members can go on with new visions.  

Client: Wolfgang Kerler, 1E9 Denkfabrik GmbH

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